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The World Powers in high places think they are winning the war but, Truth "is" and has foretold us that God has won the victory. It came to us in the form of the God man, Yeshua, Messiah, Jesus Christ and one day soon He will Return to take back the earth and make it Gods footstool. So weep and wail you soulless merchants of lies, war, power, and death. Your days are numbered with all unbelievers.

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy - "Are We There Yet?"

Crony Capitalism Alive And Well In America

Aaron Russo's Warning Still Falling On Deaf Ears. "This country is run by evil", says Aaron Russo.

If you thought the inside job that killed 2000 Americans on 911 was the end of it, you are wrong. If you thought that the insiders who promoted a war with Iraqi that killed and maimed millions is over, you are wrong. If you think too big to fail promoted by insiders was the answer, you are wrong. If you think America is a shining light for the world to be proud of, you are wrong. If you are ashamed of our nations actions then and only then is there a possibility of hope for this nation.

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Tarpley CSPAN Debate "9-11, False Flags, and Black Ops" 2012 vs. AE911.ORG


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War By Deception (9/11, Iraq, PNAC , All Roads Lead To Israel) {Full Film}

War by Deception